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Unofficial Results Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Voter Turnout in Minnesota

The percentage of voter turnout used on this site is calculated by dividing the Number of Ballots Cast by the total Number of Eligible Voters in the state.
Number of Ballots Cast
The number of voters casting ballots in the state primary is displayed as precinct statistics. Race results are entered on this site before precinct statistics are entered. Vote totals may appear to exceed number voting until all precinct voting statistics are reported.
During the three days following the election, election results and statistics are made official at a meeting of the county canvassing board. Until the election is canvassed, the number of ballots cast in each precinct remains unofficial.

Number of Eligible Voters
Minnesota uses the number of the Voting Eligible Population (VEP) as the denominator when calculating the percentage of voters who voted. The VEP is the number of individuals 18 years of age or older (voting age population) minus the estimated number of individuals who are not eligible to vote (such as non-citizens or individuals who do not have voting rights under law).
In 2012, Minnesota’s estimated Voting Eligible Population was 3,876,752.*
* VEP data provided by Michael P. McDonald, University of Florida