Downloadable Text Files

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  • This data is updated every 15 minutes or less.
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Results that are generated every 15 minutes or less on election night:

U.S. Senator Statewide
U.S. Senator by Congressional District
U.S. Senator by County
U.S. Senate by Precinct
U.S. Representative by District
U.S. Representative by County
U.S. House by Precinct
Governor Statewide
Governor by Precinct
Secretary of State Statewide
Attorney General Statewide
State Auditor Statewide
State Senator by District
State Senate by Precinct
State Representative by District
State Representative by Precinct
Supreme Court and Court of Appeal Races
District Court Races
County Races
County Races and Questions
Municipal Questions
Municipal and Hospital District Races and Questions
Municipal and School District Races by Precinct
Hospital District Races
School Board Races
School Referendum and Bond Questions
School Board Races and Questions
All Federal, State, and County Races by County
All Federal, State, and County Races by Precinct
Precinct Reporting Statistics

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Supporting tables: