About These Results

  • These unofficial election results are reported directly to the Office of Secretary of State by the Anoka County auditor.
  • Sometimes media or others obtain vote totals directly from the precincts or from local election officials before election results are reported on this website. Totals reported by media or others may differ from the results reported on this site after the polls close.

  • On Wednesday, January 13, 2016, the Anoka County Canvassing Board will meet to canvass the votes for candidates in the special primary.

  • If a recount is requested, the county auditor will conduct the recount. The canvassing board will then reconvene to receive the report of the recount official, and will resolve any remaining disputes about counting ballots for candidates. The final vote totals from the recount may differ from the votes originally counted. If so, the recounted totals, as approved by the canvassing board, become the official primary results.