About These Results

  • These unofficial election results are reported directly to the Office of the Secretary of State by municipalities, school districts, and county auditors. Municipal and school district results may continue to be reported in the days following the election. Not all local municipalities and school districts report results or precinct statistics on this site.
  • Sometimes media or others obtain vote totals directly from the precincts or local election offices before those election results are reported to this site. Totals reported by media or others may differ from the results reported on this site after the polls close.
  • City and school district canvassing boards will meet between Friday, November 8 and Friday, November 15 to certify the results of general and special elections held November 5, 2013.
  • If a recount is required, the municipal or school district clerk or another official will conduct the recount. The canvassing board will reconvene to receive the recounted results and to resolve ballot challenges. The recounted total, as approved by the canvassing board, will become the official election result.
  • Ranked Choice Voting Results in the City of Minneapolis

    The City of Minneapolis uses ranked choice voting to elect all city offices, including 20 single-seat and 2 multi-seat offices.
    After all precincts have reported results on election night, the number of ballots cast is used to determine the number of first-choice votes needed to win each office, and the city announces any election night winners. If no candidate for an office gets enough first-choice votes to win on election night, round-by-round tabulation is conducted until there is a winner. To learn which offices have declared winners on election night and which offices will require additional rounds of tabulation, go to vote.minneapolismn.gov.
    Ranked choice voting does not apply to charter questions on the Minneapolis ballot.

    Ranked Voting Results in the City of Saint Paul

    The City of Saint Paul uses ranked voting to elect city offices. To win in Saint Paul on election night, candidates for mayor or council member need 50% + 1 of the first-choice votes. If no candidate gets a majority of first-choice votes on election night, counting resumes after election day. To learn more about how additional rounds of counting are conducted, go to Ramsey County Elections.
    The Saint Paul School Board uses the traditional method of voting.