About These Results

  • These unofficial election results are reported directly to the Office of the Secretary of State by the county auditor of each county.

  • Due to court order, absentee ballots will continue to be accepted by counties after election day, up to the day before the county's canvassing date. Counties canvassing on Thursday, August 13, 2020 are Beltrami, Benton, Brown, Clay, Cottonwood, Fillmore, Jackson, Lake, Mahnomen, Otter Tail, Pine, Traverse, and Wilkin. All other counties will canvass on Friday, August 14, 2020.

  • Most counties plan to report the results they have on election night, including incomplete results for absentee ballots. They will update the results later as additional absentee ballots are accepted. Counties that have communicated they do not plan to upload results on election night are Clearwater, Cottonwood, Lake of the Woods, Pine, and Wilkin.

  • Sometimes media or others obtain vote totals directly from the precinct or local election office before those election results are reported to this website. Totals reported by media or others may differ from the results reported on this site after the polls close.

  • On Tuesday, August 18, 2020, the State Canvassing Board will meet to canvass the votes for candidates for the election.

  • If a recount occurs, a State Recount Official will be appointed to conduct the recount. The State Canvassing Board will then reconvene to receive the report of the Recount Official, and to resolve any remaining disputes about counting ballots for a candidate. The final vote total from the recount may be different than the vote originally counted at the Canvassing Board. If so, the recounted total, as approved by the Canvassing Board, becomes the official election result.