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Unofficial Results
State General Election
State Senator District 44
Recount results shown are incomplete and unofficial. Results shown are subject to change and correction at any time until the County or State Canvassing Board certifies the results of the recount. Totals shown are for reported precincts only, and are partial until all the precincts in the district have been recounted. Ballots reported as challenged by either candidate are included in the candidate totals as initially determined by the recount official. Candidate totals may be adjusted if the challenge is upheld by the County or State Canvassing Board.
Percentage of Ballots Recounted = 100.00%
Precincts Recounted in Contest: 100%  30 of 30   Last Updated: 11/18/16 6:41 PM
November 8, 2016    State General Election Results
  State Senator District 44 Nov 8 Totals    
  Votes for Anderson 25297    
  Votes for Calvert 25096    
Recount Results
  State Senator District 44 Recount Totals  Recount Percent  Recount Difference  
  Votes for Anderson 25309 48.36% 12  
  Votes for Calvert 25114 47.98% 18  
  All Other Ballots 1915 3.66%    
  Ballots challenged by Calvert 28    
  Ballots challenged by Anderson 11    
  Ballots challenged by Both 0