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Unofficial Results Tuesday, November 4, 2008
Precincts Reporting in State: 100%  4,131 of 4,131
Last Updated:  01/03/09 6:32 PM
Voters Registered at 7AM: 3,199,981

Results for Constitutional Amendments

Determining passage of the Constitutional Amendment requires knowledge of the total number of voters casting ballots. This number is estimated by using the votes for U.S. Senator as a key race, and is replaced by actual precinct statistics when available.
Value Definition
Estimated Total Number of Voters Calculated using votes for or actual statistics.
Yes Actual YES votes cast
No Actual NO votes cast
Estimated Blanks Equals Estimated Total Number of Voters minus Yes votes and No votes
Estimated Percent of YES* YES divided by Estimated Total Number of Voters, displayed as a percentage
*An estimated YES percentage of greater than 50% is an indication of likely passage of an amendment.


Results by Congressional District

Congressional District 1
Yes 199,377
No 127,149
Estimated Blanks 16,237
Estimated Total Number of Voters 342,763
Estimated Percent of YES* 58.17%

Congressional District 2
Yes 217,856
No 166,303
Estimated Blanks 16,696
Estimated Total Number of Voters 400,855
Estimated Percent of YES* 54.35%

Congressional District 3
Yes 211,451
No 147,974
Estimated Blanks 23,619
Estimated Total Number of Voters 383,044
Estimated Percent of YES* 55.20%

Congressional District 4
Yes 203,629
No 117,564
Estimated Blanks 18,185
Estimated Total Number of Voters 339,378
Estimated Percent of YES* 60.00%

Congressional District 5
Yes 234,103
No 87,319
Estimated Blanks 23,090
Estimated Total Number of Voters 344,512
Estimated Percent of YES* 67.95%

Congressional District 6
Yes 217,501
No 179,856
Estimated Blanks 16,012
Estimated Total Number of Voters 413,369
Estimated Percent of YES* 52.62%

Congressional District 7
Yes 165,012
No 147,501
Estimated Blanks 14,525
Estimated Total Number of Voters 327,038
Estimated Percent of YES* 50.46%

Congressional District 8
Yes 186,117
No 167,874
Estimated Blanks 15,264
Estimated Total Number of Voters 369,255
Estimated Percent of YES* 50.40%