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Unofficial Results Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Precincts Reporting in State: 100%  4,120 of 4,120
Last Updated:  11/23/16 2:24 PM
Voters Registered at 7AM: 3,270,734

Results for Constitutional Amendments

Passage of a Constitutional Amendment depends on the total number of voters casting ballots in the election. On this site, the total number voting is estimated using the votes cast for U.S. President, and is replaced by the actual number who voted as voting statistics are entered for each precinct.
Value Definition
Estimated Total Number of Voters Calculated using votes for U.S. President & Vice President or actual statistics.
Yes Actual YES votes cast
No Actual NO votes cast
Estimated Blanks Equals Estimated Total Number of Voters minus Yes votes and No votes
Estimated Percent of YES* YES divided by Estimated Total Number of Voters, displayed as a percentage
*An estimated YES percentage of greater than 50% is an indication of likely passage of an amendment.


Results by Congressional District

Remove Lawmakers’ Power to Set Their Own Pay
Congressional District 1
Yes 271,167
No 59,206
Estimated Blanks 16,481
Estimated Total Number of Voters 346,854
Estimated Percent of YES* 78.18%

Congressional District 2
Yes 295,395
No 69,762
Estimated Blanks 19,382
Estimated Total Number of Voters 384,539
Estimated Percent of YES* 76.82%

Congressional District 3
Yes 308,013
No 74,771
Estimated Blanks 22,414
Estimated Total Number of Voters 405,198
Estimated Percent of YES* 76.02%

Congressional District 4
Yes 268,734
No 70,957
Estimated Blanks 30,309
Estimated Total Number of Voters 370,000
Estimated Percent of YES* 72.63%

Congressional District 5
Yes 274,578
No 72,603
Estimated Blanks 29,714
Estimated Total Number of Voters 376,895
Estimated Percent of YES* 72.85%

Congressional District 6
Yes 289,983
No 67,439
Estimated Blanks 19,059
Estimated Total Number of Voters 376,481
Estimated Percent of YES* 77.02%

Congressional District 7
Yes 269,011
No 59,473
Estimated Blanks 14,100
Estimated Total Number of Voters 342,584
Estimated Percent of YES* 78.52%

Congressional District 8
Yes 288,954
No 62,061
Estimated Blanks 14,715
Estimated Total Number of Voters 365,730
Estimated Percent of YES* 79.01%