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Unofficial Results Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Precincts Reporting in State: 100%  4,102 of 4,102
Last Updated:  12/07/12 11:46 AM
Voters Registered at 7AM: 3,084,025

Results for Constitutional Amendments

Passage of a Constitutional Amendment depends on the total number of voters casting ballots in the election. On this site, the total number voting is estimated using the votes cast for U.S. President, and is replaced by the actual number who voted as voting statistics are entered for each precinct.
Value Definition
Estimated Total Number of Voters Calculated using votes for U.S. President & Vice President or actual statistics.
Yes Actual YES votes cast
No Actual NO votes cast
Estimated Blanks Equals Estimated Total Number of Voters minus Yes votes and No votes
Estimated Percent of YES* YES divided by Estimated Total Number of Voters, displayed as a percentage
*An estimated YES percentage of greater than 50% is an indication of likely passage of an amendment.


Results by Congressional District

Constitutional Amendment 1   Show Question
Congressional District 1
Yes 190,775
No 152,372
Estimated Blanks 4,200
Estimated Total Number of Voters 347,347
Estimated Percent of YES* 54.92%

Congressional District 2
Yes 174,255
No 200,763
Estimated Blanks 4,246
Estimated Total Number of Voters 379,264
Estimated Percent of YES* 45.95%

Congressional District 3
Yes 174,934
No 223,027
Estimated Blanks 5,886
Estimated Total Number of Voters 403,847
Estimated Percent of YES* 43.32%

Congressional District 4
Yes 142,554
No 223,845
Estimated Blanks 6,885
Estimated Total Number of Voters 373,284
Estimated Percent of YES* 38.19%

Congressional District 5
Yes 107,527
No 261,895
Estimated Blanks 7,204
Estimated Total Number of Voters 376,626
Estimated Percent of YES* 28.55%

Congressional District 6
Yes 195,993
No 167,455
Estimated Blanks 3,578
Estimated Total Number of Voters 367,026
Estimated Percent of YES* 53.40%

Congressional District 7
Yes 215,376
No 118,687
Estimated Blanks 4,589
Estimated Total Number of Voters 338,652
Estimated Percent of YES* 63.60%

Congressional District 8
Yes 198,502
No 162,390
Estimated Blanks 3,842
Estimated Total Number of Voters 364,734
Estimated Percent of YES* 54.42%